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Our Story

Button & Loop is based in beautiful rural Norfolk, England and was founded in September 2016 by myself, owner and sole dressmaker Stephanie.

I have been sewing for 17 years and have a degree in Period Costume Construction for Stage & Screen (think corsets, crinolines, Outlander, Poldark, Marie Antoinette etc), so designing and sewing were not new to me in the slightest but running a business alongside a busy family definitely was!

Button & Loop is a fully registered and trademarked business and I pride myself on the quality and workmanship that goes into my work. 

I’m a stickler for attention to detail and was taught to sew using classic, couture techniques with a stage costume twist. This means generous seam allowances and hemlines and a very durable finished product.
As long as it’s cared for correctly, a Button & Loop garment should be able to be passed down the generations.

I use only top quality, normally designer cottons for my makes and I love to support other small businesses as much as I can.

You can follow the Button & Loop sewing adventure over on my Facebook and Instagram pages for more behind the scenes info and watch your order being made with some sneak peeks! 

Please note that because your order is made from start to finish entirely by myself, items can take 4-6 weeks, 42 working days before dispatch, subject to change in quieter periods. 


Steph x